Goodbye Shiny Hunters United.

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    Goodbye Shiny Hunters United. Empty Goodbye Shiny Hunters United.

    Post  Storm_Dragoon on Thu May 26, 2016 6:36 pm

    Hello everyone,

    As you can see, the forum isn't what it used to be. We started Shiny Hunters United back in 2011 when the former owner of the Shiny Club on serebii essentially left it to rot. Due to spam and overall bad posts, the mods there decided to shut down Shiny Pokemon clubs on serebiiforums forever. Zabi, the founder of this forum, decided to make a new forum and Shiny Hunters United was born.

    For over 2 years, we were quite busy. The chatbox was always lively and the forum was booming. We always had lots of activities, including shiny races where teams of 3/4 would shiny hunt and whoever got the most shinies won the race. Shortly after that, activity declined quite quickly when most of the admins/mods and members slowly drifted away. I tried keeping the forum going by myself for nearly two years, then made a few members mods to help out, but it wasn't enough. Since the middle of last year I've noticed a huge decline in people posting. Real life took hold of a lot of people so they just stopped showing up completely. The chatbox slowly went from having 10+ people a day down to one or none for sometimes a week at a time.

    With the declining activity on the site, I have decided that Shiny Hunters United will no longer be accepting new members or will be keeping up on the upkeep of the forum. I've been an admin on the site since the early days and I'm sad to announce this. I've had an awesome time, made awesome friends but now I have to say goodbye.

    It has been an amazing 5 years but it had to end sometime. Thank you to everyone who joined the forum, you guys made this place amazing. Hope you all have a wonderful life, maybe I'll see you around sometime.


    Sage, a.k.a. Storm_Dragoon

    Goodbye Shiny Hunters United. Tumblr_mjeshsmIEb1rlfkrto1_500_zps4f3baff1

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    Goodbye Shiny Hunters United. Empty Just revisiting the old stomping grounds...

    Post  SP5Number2 on Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:03 pm

    To whomever may be reading this, hello. I was a past member, and I joined about 2012 I thiiiiink, don't quote me on it. I see so many familiar faces around here of people that used to be some of my good friends. As with most people, real life caught up to me. It sucks that I had to leave y'all behind, and it hurts knowing that I'll probably never talk to any of you ever again. But I do look back on the memories I made here fondly. From coming home on the weekends and staying up all night looking for this silly Pokemon. I wonder where all of you are now... Probably out doing bigger and better things. For me, I just started college and am majoring in graphic design. I think I was 12 when I first joined here, and everyone else was 18, so now, I'm sorry, I have to picture you all eating bran muffins and walking with a cane (kidding, mostly). Anywhom, to anyone who may be reading this, whether you remember me or not, feel free to send me a PM on here, as this account is still linked with the email I use today. If you remember me, tell me how your life's been going! And if you don't know me, PM anyways and I can tell you some of the reasons why this place means so much to me. I hope you all have a great life and live it to the fullest.

    ~SP5Number2 aka Jack

    PS-my computer still SOMEHOW remembered my login and password for this site, so that's pretty dope.
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